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We are the tree felling experts

At Skyline Tree Services we specialise in tree felling and tree removal. This is a job that is without a doubt best left to the experts. Being certified in Level 3 Advanced Tree Felling, Skyline Tree Services are the firm to trust.

Whether a simple, straight forward tree removal or complex tree removal requiring the use of ropes and rigging equipment, Skyline Tree Services is highly experienced and professionally equipped to remove your trees safely.

Our qualified tree surgeons use technologically advanced and environmentally safe tools and techniques

Skyline Tree Services is able to provide the best tree services thanks to the knowledge and experience of our passionate team. We use the latest tools and techniques in order to work as efficiently and as effectively as possible. In addition, our tree Surgeon team always works in such a way so as to have as little effect on the surrounding environment as possible.

Avoid the need for our 24 hour emergency service!

Trees that are already dead are more prone to fall during extreme weather conditions such as high winds. This is why customers who have potentially hazardous trees should take preventative action and have them removed before a storm strikes. Contact our skilled team today for professional advice.

Affordable tree stump removal – without damaging your property

Removing a large tree stump in a hard to reach location is not an easy task. However, thanks to our 70 horsepower stump cutter, we are able to remove any stump with incredible speed and efficiency.This self-propelled four wheel drive stump cutter reaches and removes all tree stumps incredibly quickly. This means less cost for you! And because we won’t need to take a truck into your yard, it also means less mess and damage to your garden.

Tree Lopping Sunshine Coast

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Tree lopping Sunshine Coast
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